11 Images That Will Make You Want to Visit Gulmarg

The exhilarating and enticing Gulmarg is the favoured destination for travellers who find solace in the wilderness. Recent snowfall has added charm to the beauty of Kashmir and its famed ski destination Gulmarg. Words do fall short while explaining the enthralling and mesmeric beauty of Gulmarg. All year long the beauty of this meadow of flowers can be seen but whenever there is a snowfall in Kashmir, Gulmarg under the white carpet attracts everyone’s attention towards it. Nasir Kachroo visited Asia’s famous tourist ski resort and captured eye-catching frames of Gulmarg.


Jammu and Kashmir Tourism TheTravellore
An instructor helps a beginner to balance the skies. During winter season Jammu & Kashmir Tourism Department organises snow fest in Gulmarg. (Nasir Kachroo/TheTravellore)


Tourist in Snow Covered Gulmarg TheTravellore
Tourist enjoying a fresh spell of snow in Gulmarg. The recent spell of snowfall came as a boon for the tourist industry in Kashmir. (Nasir Kachroo/TheTravellore)


Gulmarg Kashmir TheTravellore
A local walk on the snow-carpeted slopes of Gulmarg after a day of hard labour. (Nasir Kachroo/TheTravellore)



Hotels in Gulmarg TheTravellore
Gulmarg has a good number of 5 star and luxury hotels. A sizeable population in Kashmir is associated with the tourism industry. (Nasir Kachroo/TheTravellore)


Sledge Ride in Gulmarg TheTravellore
A tourist enjoying the sledge ride. Snowfall in Kashmir is an invitation to the local, national and international travellers. (Nasir Kachroo/TheTravellore)


Snow Ski in Gulmarg TheTravellore
Snow ski is one of the main attractions at this hill resort. As soon snow carpet envelopes Gulmarg, ski enthusiast from all across the globe throng the place. (Nasir Kachroo/TheTravellore)


Fast Food in Gulmarg TheTravellore
Kashmiri vendor prepares snacks for the tourists at famed hill station Gulmarg. (Nasir Kachroo/TheTravellore)


Gulmarg Temple TheTravellore
A Hindu shrine covered with a thick layer of snow. Close to the vicinity of this temple is Church and a Mosque. (Nasir Kachroo/TheTravellore)


Skiing in Gulmarg
During winter Gulmarg remains abuzz with the adventure sports lovers and people who seek peace and solace close to nature. (Nasir Kachroo/TheTravellore)


Snow in Gulmarg TheTravellore
Icicles hanging from a rooftop of a resort at Gulmarg. Kashmir freezes below sub-zero during the 40 day long harsh winter period known as the ‘Chillai Kalan’.


Winter Sports in Gulmarg TheTravellore
An old sledge puller carries his empty sledge on the slopes of Gulmarg. Sledge pulling is the main occupation of the locals during the winter season. (Nasir Kachroo/TheTravellore)

2 thoughts on “11 Images That Will Make You Want to Visit Gulmarg

  • January 24, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    It really looks like an interesting place to go skiing. 🙂
    I have so far only been skiing in countries like Sweden, France, and Austria, would interesting to extend my experiences some day. 🙂

    • February 2, 2018 at 6:07 pm

      Jasper, you are most welcome to explore the famous ski resort of Kashmir.


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