Witness a different Kashmir, Scroll through this Instagram feed

Kashmir is a scenic land of tranquil beauty. Majestic chinars, colourful shikaras, beautiful architecture, and unique lifestyle is what makes Kashmir a true heaven on earth. One can never get enough of the serene and ethereal landscapes of Kashmir. The unearthly beauty of Kashmir and the simple lives of its people are portrayed by @zaidtantray in his Instagram feed.

Chandanwari, situated in the outskirts of Pahalgam, is a place of immense religious and tourist significance. Blessed with ethereal natural beauty, this place has always been a delightful destination for visitors coming to the Kashmir valley.

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Sringar’s Dal Lake is famous for its scenic beauty. One important and iconic aspect of its beauty is ‘floating vegetable market’. This market is essential for life to function within the lake.

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The Budshah Tomb is an excellent representation of a typical Shahmiri style of architectural brilliance. The monument is on the banks of the River Jhelum, situated quite close to Zaina Kadal area of the old city.

 Panoramic view of snow-laden Zabarwan hills from the world famous Dal Lake in Srinagar. A trip to Kashmir is incomplete without a shikara boat ride in Dal Lake.

 Mesmeric view of Naseem Bagh, this Mughal garden in Srinagar house more than 100 Chinar trees.

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A great example of traditional Kashmiri architecture, it is believed that this unique architecture is suitable for the harsh climatic conditions in Kashmir. These days it is very hard to find this type of buildings in Kashmir.

Hazratbal Mosque is the most important Muslim Religious place, situated on the western shore of Dal Lake.

Khanqah-e-Moula is situated in Srinagar, on the banks of the river Jhelum. One of the oldest shrines in Kashmir. The interiors are richly carved and painted, and the antique chandeliers give it an air of opulence.

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Fishermen prepare their net for the first catch of their day in the world famous Dal Lake. Fishing is a main income source of a sizeable population of Dal dwellers.

Fayaz Najar

Fayaz Najar

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