Mesmeric Wular

Wular Lake is blessed with nature’s heavenly beauty, which makes it an ideal destination for outdoor lovers. its sparkling waters, beautiful island, snowcapped mountains and green surroundings form a panoramic scenery that compels visitors to capture through the lens. Nasir Kachroo of TheTravellore’ recently visited this beautiful lake and captured some breathtaking scenes.

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Wular Lake another peaceful and beautiful part of Kashmir is a perfect scenic getaway. Sparkling waters of this lake offer plenty of opportunities for boating, fishing and water skiing. (Nasir Kachroo/TheTravellore)
Wular is tucked within Kashmir’s Himalayan foothills. The magnificence of mountains in the background and the lush green surroundings around this lake make it a place worth going to. (Nasir Kachroo/TheTravellore)
Kashmir is rich in lakes, mountain tarns and swampy lagoons. These waterbodies attract people from far and near to seek tranquillity and peace. (Nasir Kachroo/TheTravellore)
Water-chestnuts is a produce of this freshwater lake. People who eke out their livelihoods harvesting chestnuts believe that produce is diminishing due to encroachments and pollution. (Nasir Kachroo/TheTravellore)
A sizeable population of fishermen around this lake earns their livelihood from the lake, primarily fishing for the endemic Schizothorax species and the non-native carp. (Nasir Kachroo/TheTravellore)
Water sports and other outdoor activities make Wular Lake a must-visit destination for trekkers, picnic lovers and backpackers. (Nasir Kachroo/TheTravellore)
Wular Lake is calm and placid across most seasons of the year. Thousands of migratory birds throng this lake every year thus making it a perfect place for Bird watchers to spot a rich collection of avian species in and around the vicinity of Wular Lake. (Nasir Kachroo/TheTravellore)
Wular Wular_TheTravellore
Wular Lake is Asia’s largest freshwater lake, but due to official apathy and negligence of the government, this lake is losing its sheen rapidly. (Nasir Kachroo/TheTravellore)
Fayaz Najar

Fayaz Najar

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